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Camp Prep - Final Step

Updated: May 22, 2022

But first, a recap (click "Step" to read that post)

Step 1 - Deciding what to write. Inspiration exists in many forms. From music to your favorite book from years ago. There's a story to be told (re-imagined) and you can take the entirety of Camp NaNo, April 2022, to write it. Tune in, look around, Google something, then take notes on the ideas that come up, then pick one that excites you.

Step 2 - Deciding who to write about. You've got an idea, now who are the characters you're going to use to bring that idea to "life"? Get to know them so you can write them as relatable, vivid, characters.

Step 3 - Deciding when to write. Life's gonna life, so it's best to block off time on your calendar right away so you at least have time set aside. Sure, you may have to adjust as the month goes on, but if you don't have the time blocked, to begin with, it's even harder to find it when you're in the thick of things.

Okay, now that you're all caught up, let's talk Step 4 - Where to write. Going to share a little secret with you, you can turn just about any place into a good spot to put words to page. It's simple - all you need is something to write with and or something to write on.

Something to write with:

  • pen

  • pencil

  • keyboard

  • stylus

  • Apple pencil

  • speech to text software

  • interpreters who know sign language and are willing to write what you sign

Something to write on:

  • smartphone

  • paper product

  • laptop

  • typewriter

  • tablet

Yes, it's nice to have noise-canceling headphones, the "perfect" playlist, and an antique writing desk on which to prop your tablet/laptop/leather-bound writing journal, etc. But seriously, as long as you have something to write with and something to write on, you can reach your word count goal for the day.


And that's it, those are the four steps I suggest you take to get ready to rock Camp NaNo.

Did you find this series helpful? Get this and more in the Simply Self-Published Guide, your full workbook on how to go from blank page to self-published in as few as six months. Purchase and download immediately to get started on your self-publishing journey.

But wait, you've read all of these posts and still don't know what Camp NaNo is? I got'chu, click HERE to learn more and sign up for the challenge.

Alright, going to sign off here. I've got to get ready to go to Camp NaNo! Hope to see you there. As always, sending light and inspiration.


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