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Do You Believe?

"Do you believe in ghosts?"

Kira raised her head, stilling her thumb so she wouldn't scroll past a post she might like. Her annoyance at being interrupted showed clearly on her face. But in case the guy now sitting across from her on the train didn't get it, she made sure to coat her response in as much disdain as she could muster,

"No, I don't."

With a huff she knew would deter him from talking to her further, she went back to scrolling on her phone.

"Yeah, I didn't either until I became one."

Kira looked up in time to see him fade as the train entered the tunnel before her stop. The darkness making the light from her phone light her shocked expression in a ghostly glow.


More thought-provoking than scary, this little bit came to me as a "what if"...what if you had been talking to a ghost and didn't know it? What kinds of "what if's" come to your mind? Is there one or more that you'd like to turn into a full-length book? Drop your responses in the comments along with some "what ifs" you think would make fun writing prompts. Maybe I'll do one later on this month.

Alright, that's it for now. As always, sending light and inspiration,


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