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Do You Remember...

..the stories you and your friends used to tell back in the day? It would be that golden hour before the street lights came on. You were all sitting around tired after a day of riding your bikes, roller skating, playing tag, football, or whatever. You're laughing and joking, swapping stories of what happened at school, the silliest thing your family member did last know, those stories.

When it was your turn, you'd choose the perfect words to elicit reactions from your captive audience, leaving them hanging on your every word.

You do the same thing as an adult, right? Whether you're brunching with the girls or hanging out at the bar-b-que, you still have that magic when it comes to telling a tale.

Think about the stories you've told lately or even back when you were a kid. Is there one you think could be the basis of a good book?

The writer's coach in me gets excited to hear about the stories in people's lives. So, please, let me know in the comments below.


While I've got you thinking about books, I want to tell you about a free workshop I'm having in September. We're going to "Build-A-Book"; like the toy bears, we'll start with an idea (the heart) and build the book's foundation around it. You'll get a taste of what it's like to work with me as a writer's coach AND have a tangible representation of your book idea to take with you.

Join the Nowata Press Guild to be sure you don't miss registration.


Alright, I'll leave you with your stories for now. Don't forget to drop a couple of sentences about which one you think will make a good book in the comments below.

Until next time, sending light & inspiration,


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