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She woke with a start from a sound slumber. The doorbell was ringing incessantly. As if there was an angry woodpecker who had taken offense with the chimes and was then trying to disable them by jack-hammering its beak against the button.

She grabbed her robe, tossing its familiar warmth over her thin pajamas. She didn’t bother with her slippers. Judging by the sound of that doorbell, her time was best spent racing to the door to get whoever was on the other side to go away.

“Who the fuck is it?” She yelled as she unlocked and then swung the door open. It wasn’t until the corpse’s hands slid around her neck that Chelsea remembered, her apartment doesn’t have a doorbell.


October is also "Prep-tober" for ghosts, ghouls, and gobblins getting ready for NaNoWriMo. I'm excited to be presenting "Build-a-Book" - a workshop that teaches you a creative way to prep to write your book, at SecondActWomen's Biz+LifeCon Women's Small Business Summit this year. It's the one event curated for female founders over 40 looking to upskill, collect great content, and connect with other women just like them in the encore of life. Register today and receive a gift from Wile Women's supplement. Tickets at

Biz+LifeCon is brought to you by Energize Colorado and SecondActWomen. 21+ event. All humans are welcome.


Share your thoughts about today's piece of horror fiction in the comments below. What would you do if your doorbell rang at o'dark stupid? Would you answer it? Let's talk about it below :-).

Meanwhile, I'll see you tomorrow. Sending light and inspiration,


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