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Flashback to the Time We Had...

I will spare you the rah-rah speech that most often gets hurled at you during this time of year. You know what I'm talking about - all the new year, new you sales pitches that attempt to convince you this or that program/product will magically set you up to have "your best year EVER!"

Having succumbed to those sales pitches a time or two in my lifetime, I can confidently state that what I'm about to share with you will, in NO WAY, shape, or form, guarantee your "best year ever". It will, however, give you a simple way to:

  • identify what it is you'd LIKE to accomplish in 2024,

  • outline a time frame in which those things might realistically be done

  • keep your "eyes on the prize" when life throws you off your path (and let's be real, we know life has a way of doing that swiftly and without our consent.)


First, of course, you need to gather a few supplies. This is not an exhaustive list nor a "you have to have this exact widget" kind of list. These are just the basic tools that will get the job done.

  1. Something to write with

  2. Something to write on

  3. A 2024 full-year calendar.

Next, you'll want to position yourself somewhere you won't be disturbed for about an hour to an hour and a half. Remove anything that might distract you as well - for me, this means using a paper notebook and a pen instead of my laptop. That way I'm not tempted to scroll Insta or get caught up in a YouTube binge session. Go for someplace cozy, mostly private, and relaxing. You'll see why soon enough.

Step 1: Reflect

Reminisce about the past twelve months. What worked, what didn't? What did you accomplish and how? What were the year's biggest obstacles and what did you do to survive and or overcome them? Ask and then answer a handful of questions that give you some insight into how the year went, how you felt and dealt with it all, and lastly, what lessons you learned that can help you ease into the next year.


We'll stop there for now to give you time to get this first step complete. Come back next Wednesday for what to do with all the knowledge you gained from the reflection.

In the meantime, sending you light and inspiration as we wind our way down to year's end,


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