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Here Kitty!

“Harry! Come get the cat”

The furry weight crept up her back obviously coming in for a morning nuzzle on her exposed shoulder and neck.


Harry was her husband. The one who insisted they adopt the fat fur ball to begin with. I say “was” because he was lying on the cool tile in the bathroom, toothbrush still clutched in his hand, uncontrolled drool mixing with the drying toothpaste around his mouth. The poison hadn’t taken long to render his nervous system useless save for now being an elaborate causeway for the chemicals to cause needless spasms.

“God damn it, Harry!”

She turned her head, opening her eyes, ready to glare menacingly at the cat whose body was hotly pressed against the skin on her shoulder. She was just in time to see the spider as it sunk its fangs into her skin, ensuring that the horror of the creature would follow her thoughts into death.


This post has no horror image because my arachnophobia wouldn't allow me to search for one, lol. Are you afraid of spiders? If not, what critters, creepy crawlies, and such give you the absolute jitters? For the writers who are enjoying this series, tell me what your main character is afraid of.

Leave your responses in the comments below. I want to know what weirds you out :-).


And before we go...

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And with that, I'm outta here till tomorrow. Sending light and inspiration,


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