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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Camp I Go!

I've been a NaNoWriMo participant since November 2006. According to the site, I've earned five winner's badges and logged 509,110 words across 12 projects. Of those 12, eight of them are now part of my growing library of available, self-published books.

At this point, the rush of winning NaNo has faded somewhat. The desire to be in all the chats, show up for the write-ins, and amass a large community of fellow wordsmiths has died down as well. After all, it's been 17 years. As it is with any long-term relationship, things change. What I need as a writer today is not the same as what I needed when I was first unleashing my passion for becoming a published author.

Subsequently, here it is, Wednesday, April 4th, and I have yet to open my draft and begin writing. Back in the day, this would have filled me with all manners and sorts of self-deprecation. But having so many years and so many attempts and wins under my belt, I know now that late starts are still starts. And the finish line is within my reach. Hitting my word count goal is not an impossible task despite the late start.

And that is the same for you. If you've ever wanted to write a book and you find yourself thinking it's "too late" - either in life or in this month of Camp NaNo, I'm here to remind you, it's not. Each day you wake up is a day to squeeze in a five-minute writing session that will baby-step you closer to your daily word count total and your overall goal of writing that book.

So, since we're here, why don't you go ahead and grab (whatever it is you're using to write with or on these days), press play on the video below, and get to writing...

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Comment down below - how many words did you write in this writing sprint? Or, if you didn't write anything, tell me why. Your feedback, either way, helps me hone my coaching skills so I can better help you reach your writing goals.


Meanwhile, stay tuned as I'll be sharing my Camp NaNo journey with you this month. I've got a novel to finish, dag nabbit! Time to walk the walk, as they say :-).

As always, thank you for stopping by. Sending light and inspiration,


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