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Imagine It's March, 2024

You're sitting in your living room, looking through your (whatever it is you use to track your to-dos and such), and you notice several things you wrote "back" in January that you haven't gotten to yet. Perhaps you're behind on a few goals, or have a long list of habits that have already fallen by the wayside. A familiar feeling of "what's the use?", is creeping in and you're contemplating scraping your desires for the rest of the year.

Before you get to that point, let me share the next step I recommend you do when planning for 2024. We've got to cull that big list of dreams, goals, habits and such you created in the last exercise. So pull it out and once again, set aside some time. For this round, I usually take up to a whole day - some really good hot tea, simple but delicious food, the comfiest of clothes, and some cheesy rom-coms playing quietly on the TV.

Anyway, however you manage it, get yourself situated and pull out that list; open up that document; go to your Pinterest see where I'm going with this. Get in front of that image of all your dreams, goals, habits, and such for 2024.

Step 1. Look at each item on the list:

Put a circle around the item if:

  • you get that tingly, giddy, excited sensation in your body

  • you know without a doubt you have the time, energy, and or desire for it

Draw a line through it if:

  • you feel a tightening/constricting feeling in any part of your body or thoughts

  • if you physically recoil as you read or think about the goal

  • the acquisition of the item involves activities that go against your values

  • it's a goal someone has for you that isn't truly in alignment with who you are or what you want

Step 2. Put all the circled items on a clean backdrop. How many are there? I recommend that if you have more than 10 at this stage, cull the list even further by eliminating those that will obviously take way more than 12 months to achieve given your known, existing resources (time, money, energy, etc.). These BIG DREAMS aren't to be discounted so don't delete them altogether, just set them aside for now.

Step 3. With each goal you have left, brainstorm as many of the applicable/necessary ACTIONs you'll need to take for each item. I tend to do this in a notebook. I'll put the goal as the header then do a simple column list of the steps I come up with. I try to keep them in logical order as in which step comes first and what the subsequent steps are. Doesn't always work out that way so there can be much white-out and rewriting but that's part of the fun for me so....


We'll stop here. We're almost finished - you'll find the final steps in next week's blog. If you're interested, you can also catch the planning series on my YouTube channel beginning December 27th. There will be a video a day from the 27th through to New Year's Eve. Click HERE to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss it. I'm prepping a workbook to help you do the work that week; it'll be a free download.

So, until next week, hope your December is going smoothly; as always, sending light & inspiration,


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