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Might as Well Write It Now.

You've come this far, might as well see it through to "The End", eh?

If you've followed the exercises in this month's blog series, you now have a working project management system you can use to produce your book idea. Yes, that's the fancy description of the Build-a-Book.

Why stop now? Especially since the Simply Self-Published Online Course and Coaching program is open for enrollment.

What is the Simply Self-Published Online Course and Coaching Program?

It's a live online, 12-week-long program that combines weekly workshops with 1:1 coaching. We'll meet live via Google Meet each Saturday beginning March 9th, 1:00 PM EST. for up to 90 minutes of coaching and writing.

By the time we're finished, you'll have put your Build-a-Book to good use; filling it with everything you need to self-publish your first book:

  • Complete character/concept sheets - you'll know your characters and concepts, themes, etc. inside and out.

  • Notes on settings - imagery so clearly defined, you'll be able to bring them to 'life' on the page with ease

  • Your entire first, rough draft

  • A marketing plan and launch calendar

  • ISBN and Copyright registration resources, and as they say, so much more...

Your investment is $150. No muss, no fuss, or marketing gimmicks. Suitable for ages 16 and up, and any genre is welcome.

Course is limited to 15 participants and registration closes this Saturday, March 2nd.


For those who'd rather work alone...

I also offer 1:1 Coaching packages in 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages. For more information on those click HERE!


And that's our February blog series all wrapped up. Coming in March, I'll be writing about marketing for self-published authors. If you have a book and are looking for marketing ideas, you'll definitely want to return next month.

Thank you, as always, for taking a moment to read the blog. I appreciate it :-). Sending light & inspiration,


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