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Mother's Day.

Denny walked silently down the hall to his mother's hospital room. She'd been out of surgery for several hours but he was just now able to go see her.

He'd been sitting in the waiting room for hours. The doctor had come in finally, telling him that his mother had come through surgery with flying colors and was expected to make a full recovery. Shortly after that Denny was approached by two police officers. They had been first on the scene.

Several questions about his mother's friends, acquaintances, and potentially suspicious characters

in the neighborhood kept Denny on pins and needles. The officers took notes, then handed Denny a business card. They asked that he urge his mother to call them when she was feeling better. They were extremely curious to know how a healthy woman in her mid-sixties, had managed to break several vertebrae in her back while sitting quietly on her screened-in sun porch reading a book and drinking her favorite camomile tea.

Denny, who had been on his morning walk along a particularly long stretch of cracked sidewalk in his neighborhood, wasn't at all curious, just extremely sorry and already plotting how he was going to make this up to his mom.


What childhood superstitions kept you up at night? This one always bothered me and finally turned into this short piece. Share in the comments what other childhood sayings haunt you and might make for some good fiction.

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