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Name that tune.

I mentioned in the last blog I invited you to share a story from your life that you think would make a good book. This go-round, I want you to put that idea to music. In other words (see what I did there?), what songs would be on the soundtrack to that story?

I usually have my writing clients do this exercise as a way to not only inspire them but to set the groundwork for future marketing. You see, during the book release, you can share that soundtrack with potential readers to help get them in the mood for your book. For example, I've done soundtracks for most of my books. You can find them on my Spotify page HERE. I used the soundtracks while I was writing as inspiration for certain scenes, and then I used them to generate interest once the books were done.


While you're here...


If you're in the Atlanta metro area - stop by. It's going to be a great afternoon.

Welp, that's it for this post. Drop your songs in the comments below before you leave; can't wait to hear what you come up with :-).

Sending light and inspiration,


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