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Ohhh, That Would Make a Great Story!

Inspiration - the spark that ignites the flame of an idea that then leads to the creation of something new. It can come in the form of so many things that I believe it's safe to say inspiration is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe.

How often have you read a book, seen a movie, or overheard someone on their cell phone and thought, "Hmmm, it would have been better if...", or "Ohhh, I would have said....". However it works out, the medium you consumed or the conversation you heard sparked an idea, one that quite possibly could be the basis for a really good book.

Example (copied from Facebook):

You see what happened there? Someone took a supporting character from a simple movie and ran with it to the point where I don't know about you, but I was intrigued. Don't know if I'd watch or want to read that particular story but you have to admit, it's an inspired premise.

And that my friends, is what I want to talk about, INSPIRATION. Specifically, I want to talk about music. Way back in the day, this would have been the early 90's, Sade came out with the song, No Ordinary Love.

I was on my way to work - I worked the evening shift in the collections department at a cable company. I was rolling down the street, listening to this song when I started to see an image of a woman in a comfy chair in the middle of a well-decorated living room. She's sitting there, listening to this song as it plays on the stereo (this was back in the day remember). A couple of lines later I realize she has a gun in her lap. Well of course, now she's got my attention.

So yes, I may have drifted into the other lane a couple of times and I may have run a red light but that's not the point, the point is I got a full story download in the five or so minutes that song played on the radio.

Side Note:

You can find the result of that inspirational moment in my short story collection,


Has this ever happened to you? Wait, before you answer, listen to this...

Well? Did you see it? Every time I hear this song I think chilling psychological horror about a drug addict going on a drug-induced trip to the Twilight Zone.

How about this one?

A man commits a murder (why? was it self-defense perhaps? or an accident?). He goes on the run, his lawyer girlfriend breaks up with him at first, but then when he's captured and going to trial, she comes back to defend him. It doesn't work so she's left trying to break him out of jail. That's the story that comes to my mind and I'm sticking to it.


But enough about me - what music, instrumental or otherwise inspires you? Did you listen to either of the songs above and if so, what ideas came to mind? Did you stick to fiction? That's what I love about inspiration - it crosses genres. Just because I dream in fiction doesn't mean you do. You may have thought about historical figures who found themselves in similar circumstances as those in the lyrics. Or maybe you went in a COMPLETELY different direction and you thought about a children's picture book - again, that's the fun of inspiration, it can lead you in some wild directions.


Wherever inspiration finds you and then takes you, I hope you enjoy the trip and come back here to share what you saw (and perhaps wrote) along the way.

That's it for this week. I'll see you back here next week as we continue our exploration of Story. As always, sending light and inspiration,


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