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One. Night Stand

"Eh. Not bad for a chick I wasn’t planning on boning. At least not when I first saw her. A little too, I don’t know, low-key for me. I mean, she didn’t stand out at first. Not like my other chicks. She was obviously the quiet type in her group. The others were wearing the tight skirts, sky-high heels. I almost went for the big titties but then I watched this one turn down dude after dude. Challenge! And as usual, I won. Damn, my game is so tight I should be winning awards."

Todd rolled over on his side putting him on the right side of the bed, facing the bathroom into which his conquest had disappeared immediately after he’d cum. He’d pulled off the condom and dropped it casually to the floor on the left while she’d quickly gotten out of bed. Before the slimy piece of latex had hit the hardwood, she’d walked into the bathroom and shut the door. He’d heard the shower come on shortly thereafter.

He was dozing when she came back out.

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to move over.”

“Wha…why? What difference does it make, it’s just for tonight. Come get in. My back’s kinda cold.” He thought he was being clever.

“Hmph. Look either move over, or get your shit and leave.”

That woke him up. The sex had been pretty good, so he’d already planned on hitting it one more time before he left in the morning. Leaving now was not an option as far as his ego and morning woody were concerned.

“Alright, alright. Here you go.”

He slid back to the left side of the bed, not paying much attention to how she carefully tucked the sheets back in where he’d pulled them out to make room for his larger frame. By the time she’d gotten in the bed, he was back to a semi-doze, drifting off to sleep on his side with his back to her.

“Thy will be done,” she whispered. Then the lights went out.

At some point he recognized he was hot under the covers. He kicked his feet a bit to loosen the sheets even further, then slid his right leg over his left so it was dangling off the edge of the bed. He was rewarded with a cooling sensation that moved up from his foot to his hip. He promptly drifted back into a deeper, dreamless sleep. He didn’t hear the tapping, or scraping sound begin underneath him. He barely registered the numbness in his exposed limb. He didn’t come awake until his body hit the floor at that odd angle. Wide awake but only for a moment before the nothing under the bed consumed him.


This is another long one so I won't tack on too much more here at the end. I am curious to know what you think of this one. Were you ever afraid of what might be under your bed? Did this inspire some ideas for a story of your own? Again, share what came to mind in the comments below.

See you tomorrow! Sending light and inspiration,


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