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Scariest Movie Scenes I've Ever...Seen

Today, I’m sharing with you six of the scenes that scared me silly, from some of my favorite horror movies. These are in no particular order by the way and I urge you NOT to press play if you’re the least bit squeamish ;-).

One of the most iconic…

I still can't sit through this whole movie with my eyes open.

And who wasn’t just a bit freaked out when this moonlight swim turned tragic?

"It hurst!" me chills to this day.

Here’s one that most folks don’t know anything about. This one scene made the movie for me.

One thing you don’t see in the clip is that the two women started off sleeping right next to each other. There’s no explanation given as to how the one ended up on the settee by the door! *shivers*

"Ohhh @#$%", was all I could think when...

"What do you mean he's GONE!!"

Then we have this one...

I had been scared on and off throughout the whole movie, but that scene right there clinched it. Oh. The. Horror. (lol – as I turn the lights on).

And lastly, the scene that walked so all these others could run,


My Sistah in Self-Publishing friend and fellow author, Willmetta Owens (Fantabulous Words) shared this bit of trivia in her newsletter this month:

So now it's your turn, were you like a lot of us who saw the opening to Jaws and stopped wanting to go into the ocean? Or were you like Janet Leigh and refused to take showers after watching "Mother" cut Marian Crane's shower short?

(see, I can write horrific puns too)

Share in the comments below the scariest movie scenes you've seen so far.

And as always, thank you for stopping by! Sending light and inspiration,


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