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Self-Published In Six Months? No Way!

For real, it is possible to take an idea for a book and turn it into a tangible, self-published product you can share with the world in as few as six months.

The catch though, is starting with a desire to have your book in your hands that is bigger than your comfort zone. That burning desire will propel you through the fear and self-doubt that come when you venture outside of the zone's barriers. Mind you, you may still experience fear, and such; desire alone doesn't get rid of those types of feelings but it sure does keep you moving at a fast enough pace that they don't have time to drag you to a stop far from reaching your goal.

With that being written, let's go out into what I consider to be the "sweet spot" of my coaching offerings, and that's the 6-Month Coaching Package.


Why Six Months?

As I mentioned, clients who do well with this package come to the table with a desire to finish their project burning quite fiercely in their hearts, minds, and souls. The 6-month timeline gives them roughly thirty days to complete each step including the actual writing of their draft.

Having those due dates and milestones follow so closely together doesn't give them much time to wallow in any of the feelings that come from their comfort zones. In that regard, their desire to finish acts as blinders or shields keeping the "I can't's...", "I don't know how's..." and such on the sidelines while the work is being completed.

Side note, in case you weren't aware - the process I developed and use this day,is just six steps, hence six months being the sweet spot. And why I often say (or write), "I help clients go from blank page to self-published in as few as six months". That's also why the process is called Simply Self-Published. Six simple steps take your project from idea to tangible product.

And while you're working the steps, I'm there to cheer you on and offer up accountability and companionship. I help you keep that desire burning and the siren song of your comfort zone at bay.


In three days I officially open the doors to my Simply Self-Published 1:1 Coaching packages with a Google Meet live stream of the Simply Self-Published workshop! I'll outline the Simply Self-Published process and answer any questions you might have.

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Simply Self-Published Virtual Workshop

September 23, 2023

11:00 AM EST


I'm going to close here with an invitation to come back to the blog next week when I talk about the 12-month package and why it's ideal for anyone who needs a slower pace and extra time to process change. Whether you are "neuro-spicy" or just prefer to take your time, the 12-month package is designed with you in mind. But again, more on that next week.

In the meantime, as always...sending light & inspiration!



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