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Still Life

A moment frozen in time. Kids on a playground, smiling despite the one taking those ‘too fast for most adults’, nauseating spins on the merry-go-round. There’s two on the swings you’re sure will be racing each other to see who can get the highest, the fastest; one of them a straight daredevil secretly hoping this time she’ll make it loop the top bar. There’s a kid mid-way of crawling up the ladder to the top of the slide and another one at the bottom, just having finished his descent. They look so happy that you wonder what promises the photographer must have made to get them to look that way.

It brings a smile to your face until you realize the faces you’re seeing match the pictures of the five missing kids in the files on your desk back at the precinct. And you’re not looking at a photograph but at the playground in a small park tucked toward the back of the subdivision where the hysterical lady on the phone had taken her toddler for a play date.

You manage to call it in before shock sends your mind back to your childhood remembrances when kids played outside until the street lights came on and then had to make their way safely home.


This one broke my heart but I wrote it anyway. Do you find yourself moved by what you write? Are there book ideas you've had that you avoid because you know they're going to wring the emotion out of you? Share in the comments, please.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to take a minute...maybe watch a rom-com...anything light that does NOT involve harm to a child. sigh....

Sending LIGHT and inspiration,


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