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STOP! Planner Time!

Last month I talked about what tools I use in my business. Here are the specific tools I use when it comes to planning out what marketing technique I’m using and when.

WHAT techniques :

1. My books = tee shirts, & self-made video ads on social media, email ads to my community.

2. Simply Self-Publishing workshops / presentations = targeted pitches (via email)

WHEN I use them :

1. Books = once the book is uploaded for print I begin my marketing. I do it then because I know it won’t be that long from the time I first mention the book to the time people can buy it.

2. Workshops / Presentations = 1st quarter for people scheduling events in 3rd & 4th quarter; 3rd quarter, for people scheduling 1st & 2nd quarter events of the next year.

HOW I plan it out :

I plot out (see what I did there) book production for the year so each month, I know when I’m doing what step in my Simply Self-Publishing system. Once that’s in, I know when the book is due to be uploaded to the printer. Having that in mind, I can then estimate when to schedule the steps in for the launch process. Subsequently, I know when to have the tee shirts done, when the ads need to post, and when the emails should go out.

Of course, there are smaller tasks associated with creating all of that so those will go into the monthly task list at the beginning of my spread for the month. From there, each week I pull the necessary tasks from the main list and so on down to my daily spread.

The techniques you use, when, and how may be different, but I believe using the same process to plan them out will work wonders for simplifying your marketing efforts.

As always, I ask that you leave any questions or comments below. Of course, I’m also going to write that if you’re finding all of this to be a bit too much, click HERE and book a one on one strategy session with me. I’m pretty good at helping new writers plan their marketing strategies and would love to help you put a plan together.

Hope this post was helpful and that you’ll be back to wrap things up for this month. Next week will just be a summary of all I’ve covered along with a free check list you can use to kick start your marketing planning.

See you next week.

Sending light and inspiration,


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