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The Great Unknown

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Episode 1 - The Comfort Zone

This month, I'm going to walk you through what lies beyond your circle of comfort as a not-yet self-published author, while pointing out how coaching helps you get there.

Concentric circles showing what to expect with coaching packages
What 1:1 Simply Self-Published Coaching Offers

I made this handy "map" (for lack of a better term) that gives you the TDLR version. Feel free to copy the image and post it somewhere as a reminder of what awaits you should you decide to join me on this self-publishing journey.

Let us begin with the circle closest to you, the proverbial Comfort Zone. No doubt, if you've spent any time in self-help spaces, you've heard all sorts of things, positive and negative, about said Comfort Zone. I'm here to talk about it from the perspective I mentioned above, that of the "new to book writing and self-publishing" human being.

I think it goes without writing, but I'm going to include it here just in case. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Nor does it specifically address the added spice of one who is living with any type of neurodivergence and or mental, emotional, or physical challenges. I do work with clients who identify as spicy in that regard, but I address their needs on a person-to-person basis. This blog post is rated G for general audiences just to keep things moving.

Back to the circle - your Comfort Zone. This "space" is going to look different for everyone, as it should, but for those looking to dip their toe into self-publishing, I've found these commonalities.

First up (and this comes as no surprise I'm sure) - FEAR. There are a wide variety of fears floating around this space. The most common I've come across in my clients are:

  • fear of embarrassment or humiliation

  • fear of rejection

  • fear of failure/success

Next up (and this may be obvious as well) - Self-Doubt. Usually shows up in the form of phrases that begin with:

  • I can't...

  • I don't know how...

  • I'll never...

  • I'm not...

And lastly, there are the life routines and habits that take up so much time and mental/creative, and sometimes physical energy:

  • scrolling social media

  • binge watching TV shows

  • traditional jobs and their accompanying commutes

  • social lives

  • familial obligations

  • adulting in general.

Sprinkled in the nooks and crannies of the Comfort Zone you can also find regret, excuses, and a need for sleep.


Positive or negative, justified, or not, most not-yet-self-published writers are currently chillin' in their Comfort Zones with no real desire to leave. A rare few though are yearning desperately to break free and head into the discomfort that comes when they take those first tentative steps into the unknown beyond. They want to complete that project and have a tangible, published book in their hands.

If this is you, standing at the edge of your comfort zone, staring longingly toward the horizon where an image of your finished book floats, beckoning you to join it, then now might be a good time to hire me as your coach. I've traversed this area quite a bit and can guide you successfully through the uncharted territories.


With that being written, I'll leave you here. Next week I'll chat about the first "unknown" zone - that territory we'll cover in the 3-Month Coaching package. Until then, as always, sending light & inspiration.



PS - I'm presenting at my first ever conference! This October, join me and the fabulous women of Second|Act Women at Biz+Life Con. October 20 & 21, Denver, Colorado.

Seating is limited so get your tickets now!

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