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What a Difference a (Pay) Day Makes.

That whole "starving artist" shtick may have been cool back in the day, but it's never been a lifestyle I was willing to live long term.

When I quit my job to work full-time in my business in 2021, I expected things to take off. I knew dedicating myself whole-hearted would pay off in revenue earnings big enough to cover the company and my modest lifestyle expenses well before my savings ran out.

Reality begged to differ. And thus, here I am, with mixed emotions, back in The Matrix. Grateful to be on track to regaining my financial footing while hating American corporate work culture with a blinding passion.

I am on a mission to pay off my $6k worth of debt, get some much-needed repairs done and some not so needed embellishments added to my car, and ultimately resource my business to the point it's making money.

I need to rebuild my book inventory; refresh my marketing materials; there's editing and cover designs to be done, not to mention a website overhaul and assorted other foundational/ administrative items to pay for. Fortunately, my basic overhead is stupidly low, so I can comfortably throw most investment dollars at the bells and whistles.

Speaking of which...if you wouldn't mind, I could use your feedback. Customer surveys are all the rage, and I've held off creating one, but this is the perfect time in my process to finally ask what it is you really, really want.

Click HERE to fill out a simple questionnaire - your responses will be crucial to helping me shape the future of Nowata Press.

All of that to write, "I'm Back" and Nowata Press Publishing and Consulting is, once again, my part-time job. At least for now. I'm on a mission to get back to full-time entrepreneur as quickly as possible, so please, stay tuned.

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