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What's a Coach Do Anyway?

A coach "helps you grow and develop outside your comfort zone."

Stacey Flowers

Motivational Speaker & Coach

I'm a writer's coach which means, I help humans who are new to book writing, step outside their comfort zones in order to get their first (or next) book written and self-published.

Key words: "outside their comfort zone" - because that's what takes the most work. You see, writing a book isn't hard. Putting down the TV remote or your cellular device at a scheduled time so you can put words to page, is. Editing your rough draft is tedious but not hard. Getting your inner (and sometimes outer) critic to sit down and shut up while you edit, is. Releasing your book into the world isn't hard. Overcoming your fear of rejection and public criticism is.

The program I developed, Simply Self-Published, reduces the friction that comes with learning something new. It's titled Simply Self-Published for a reason. There are six, simple-to-follow steps that take you from blank page to self-published. All of my clients who finished their first book found the process simple enough that they were able to replicate it for their next book(s). While they found the process to be easy, adopting new habits and getting past their fears was hard.

And that's where the coaching component of the program comes in. Simply Self-Published is a

process that comes complete with a coach who understands how hard it is to go from "I want to write a book" to announcing your book's official release date. You're not only learning new skills, you're having to adopt new habits and challenge certain beliefs. All of that is difficult when you don't have support.

As your coach, I bring resources, accountability, tips, tricks, and a stern but compassionate kick in the butt as needed. In other words, you have someone by your side as you do the difficult, uncomfortable work to grow into becoming a self-published author.


Speaking of resources, I help my clients put together marketing plans for their books. I do a good job, but I'm going to be adding a resource to my arsenal. I'm happy to introduce Chasing Simple Marketing by Amanda Warfield.

This book is the business when it comes to breaking marketing down into actionable steps.

I'll be sharing an interview I did with Amanda as well as a review of the book this month here on the blog.

Meanwhile, if you're a new author and or business owner in need of a fresh, easy-to-understand "how-to" regarding marketing, then click the book image and buy your copy TODAY.


That's going to do it for today's post. As always, thank you for joining me.

Sending light & inspiration,


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