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You Should Smile More.

Hey baby.

Damn, you sho looking good in that dress.

Why don't you come here and talk to me for a minute?

Yo', I'm talking to you!

What, you think you too good to talk to me?

C'mon baby, why you all frowned up like that? You should smile more.

Can I walk with you for a minute?

He fell into step with her anyway, not waiting to hear if she wanted to be bothered with him or not. As far as he was concerned, he was doing her a favor by walking with her. She shouldn't be walking down that street, in that part of town, without a man to protect her. These streets were dangerous at night.

She didn't break stride, not responding or even looking his way. They walked like that for a block or so. Just aways from the main strip. The street was crammed with brownstones in varying stages of decay; some of the units were still inhabited by people with no other place to go; others were empty save the rats, with boarded-up windows and heavy padlocks hanging broken from the doors.

He thought he was about to get lucky when she stopped and turned to face him finally. Without a word, she reached out her hands and grasped his biceps with unexpected strength. She began to smile. The corners of her mouth slowly slid back toward her ears. The pressure on his arms

growing. He got scared eventually. Right when his brain realized he couldn't move; he saw where her chin had disappeared as the bottom half of her face dropped down to her collar bones showing a gaping maw full of claw-shaped teeth.

In his mind, all he kept hearing was his voice repeating, "You should smile more". He regretted ever uttering those words as the darkness took him into oblivion.


And on that note, just wanted to remind you...

I'll be presenting at this year's Biz+Life Con, Denver, CO, October 20 & 21st.

Here's a look at just a few of the sessions on tap for next week's big event:

Get your fill of branding, marketing, and income generation micro-masterclasses at Biz+LifeCon.

Business Evaluation: Where is Your Business Today and Tomorrow with Barbara Brooks of Biz+LifeCon host, SecondActWomen

As the CEO of your business, the struggle to juggle it all is real or having a laser focus on the vision and goals of your company. Instead, we fall into a tactical routine of working IN our businesses as the employees instead of working ON our companies as the CEO. Barbara will help you identify how you work as the Chief Executive Officer of your business by assessing where you are right now to help you set more than a few SMARTER goals to get to where you want to be.

You'll even take a partial Business Evaluation before the conference to give you a jumpstart.

Is Your Branding Strong Enough with Georgina Miller, The Alkimie Collective

A solid brand is the cornerstone of a successful business. It demonstrates what makes you unique and why your client should buy from you – and no one else. If you think your brand is just your logo, you leave money on the table. Learn the components your brand needs to stand firm in today’s competitive environment – and if your brand is good enough. We will cover

  • Why you need a strong brand.

  • What a robust brand can look like for you.

  • How you create a stand-out brand - a basic overview of the elements of brand strategy & visual design.

  • How to know if yours needs work and what to do when it does!

Decrease Stress and Increase Your Impact with Chrysta Bairre, Live, Love, Work

Many women are working harder, working more, trying to get it ALL done while burning out. Get control of your time and energy and boost your professional success with a few simple and easy-to-implement productivity tools that will help you decrease stress while increasing your impact!

5 Simple Steps to Marketing Message Mastery with Marjorie Wallwey, Bliss Group Marketing

To market successfully, your messaging must be clear and compelling. Too many businesses have muddy, mixed-up messaging...leading to puzzled prospects and slumping sales. Through engaging exercises, participants will define and refine five fundamental steps to marketing message mastery for their businesses.


And that's it for today's post. Next week, because I'll be getting ready for the conference, traveling, and all that, I won't be dropping "fresh terror" but will still be on theme providing spooky inspiration for your Preptober activities. Please stay tuned, and if you can, join me in Denver, CO, October 20 & 21st.

In the meantime, sending light & inspiration as always,


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