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From Shame, with Love

So yeah, I did a thing. And that thing lead to someone's feelings getting hurt and one of those "you suck, so I'm taking my ball and going home, and I'm never going to play with you again!" responses. That, in turn, lead to someone else's feelings getting hurt which prompted them to also respond with a "you suck" response directly aimed at me. Sigh.

As Dr. Brene Brown so brilliantly described it, I then suffered a major shame attack. All of this comes during a very vulnerable time in my life (see my post on hermit crabs and shells, HERE). Naturally, the "shame gremlins" (another Brene Brown term) had a field day. The spiral was in full swing about a minute into my evening commute. I cried. IN PUBLIC. (see my post on why that was kind of a big deal, HERE).