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How Far Can I Go in 3 Months?

Last week I gave a brief description of what is commonly found in the Comfort Zone of a new-to-writing/self-publishing human. You can read that post HERE.

This week, I'm giving insight into the next area to be found just outside your comfort zone - it's the place you go with 3-months of Simply Self-Published coaching.


Just outside your comfort zone, you can get enough coaching to complete your first-ever book draft or get your draft from rough to ready-to-publish.

This time frame and the amount of coaching involved are ideal for you if you already have a strong vision of your project - what the book is about, how you want it to look, and where you want to sell it. You're hesitating though on taking the next steps.

Typically, what I'm finding in clients who work with me in this short time frame, is that they need resources more than reassurance, and the specific, next steps from where they are in the process to having the finished product in hand. Most often they've managed to circumnavigate a lot of their lifestyle habits and fears long enough to get the draft written. They may need minimal editing or formatting, but for the most part, they've done the hard part.

Book a free consultation and let's chat to see if the 3-Month Coaching "space" is for you! Use coupon code CONSULT at checkout.


Next Up - That sweet spot, the 6-month Coaching Package. This is my premier package; the one most of my clients used to go from blank page to self-published their first time outside their comfort zones. Tune in to find out if you want to jump into the deep end with me!


Speaking of deep ends, it's my first-ever conference appearance! Join me at the 6th Annual Biz+Life Con!

"SecondActWomen is back with BizLifeCon Small Business Women's Summit - your ultimate business, networking, and community event all under one roof over two days. And unlike typical conferences, we’re delivering a myriad of biz ownership, mix & mingle experiences, booze (and non-booze), and a community of dynamic women on their second act, encore journey like you! *21+ women and allies welcome!"

Get your tickets HERE!


As always, sending light & inspiration,


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